firewood processor

The EcoPro is our latest lineup of firewood processors.

Range Road firewood processors cut & split wood in one operation. The EcoPro100 is capable of  producing over a cord of cut firewood wood per hour.

The EcoPro100 is a simple processor that allows you to modify with the components you prefer or as your budget allows. This firewood processor comes with the basics for smooth splitting operation while giving the option to add on as you go!

Operation is safe & simple.

ecoproLoad your log onto the table and roller arm & slide into the processor chamber, the log will stop at the depth you preset. Pull down the saw bar handle, the chainsaw bar activates & cut through the log. The pressure you apply depends on the density and dryness of the wood, remember to let the chainsaw do the work!  The processor cuts wood to the desired length, drops it into the splitter tray & then automatically splits the wood. Once the log drops, the ram automatically pushes the wood through the splitter, cutting it in half, or into quarters. Once the ram has finished pushing wood through the splitter, the ram will automatically pull back & be ready for the next piece of wood to process.


ecopro100The EcoPro100 although basic has many features ensuring the safety of those operating and assisting in the processing of firewood.

Safety cages enclose all areas where the action is. If the safety cage over the splitter assembly is open the hydraulics will not operate.

The height adjustable two leg front support assists with balance and stability for operating.

The adjustable single wheel on the front drawbar makes it easy to roll around and to adjust the log roll or drawbar height.